Landscape from the river Vistula (by Kraków)

Landscape from the river Vistula (by Kraków)
Malecki, Władysław (1836 - 1900)  
olej / płótno  
27 x 41  
Galeria Rogalińska Edwarda Aleksandra Raczyńskiego  
MNP FR 89 (d.Mp 1411)  
Fundacja im. Raczyńskich przy Muzeum Narodowym w Poznaniu  
Galeria Rogalińska Edwarda Aleksandra Raczyńskiego  
Galeria Sztuki Polskiej koniec XVIII w. do 1939 r.  

From the studio of the landscape painter Ch. Breslauer at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts came out younger from the Brodowski by almost a generation Wladyslaw Malecki (1836-1900), studying there from 1852 to 1856. Its Scenery over the Vistula was formed during an eleven-year stay of Malecki in Munich, where he went after obtaining the government scholarship in 1867. Studying for two years at the  local Academy under E. Schleich, with time he became friends with the Gierymski brothers, J. Brandt and J. Kossak.  

Carrying on hiking in the scenic Bavaria and after returning to the country, in the Mazovia, Kieleckie, Cracow and Volyn, he was looking for motives to his landscapes, which are the main topic of his work. Exposing a lot in the country, he still received greater recognition abroad, where  his almost deprived of staffage landscapes, approaching in its sketchy basis and colour-light dependency study to painting of French Barbizon School, where accepted with understanding.

[dr E.Leszczyńska]