Horse Fair

Horse Fair
Wejchert (Wejhert, Weyhert, Weychert), Witold (1867 - 1904)  
Witold Wejchert/1891  
olej / deska  
37 x 47  
Galeria Rogalińska Edwarda Aleksandra Raczyńskiego  
MNP FR 344  
Fundacja im. Raczyńskich przy Muzeum Narodowym w Poznaniu  
Galeria Rogalińska Edwarda Aleksandra Raczyńskiego  
Galeria Sztuki Polskiej koniec XVIII w. do 1939 r.  

Horse market is often repeated in Wejchert’s works scene from the life of a small town. Visible in it ability to depict realistic characters, often in motion, has resulted already during his studies in Cracow SSP in honoring the artist with a silver and bronze medals for his drawings of heads and figures in nature. Horses visible in the image, also appeared in the artist's painted scenes of hunting. 

This small painting is one of several works that E. A. Raczynski drew in the Warsaw TZSP and TPSP in Cracow.

[dr E.Leszczyńska]