The Raczyński's Family - Owners

The Raczyński's Family -  Owners



Kazimierz Raczyński (1739-1824)

The only son of Wiktor and Magdalena Działyńscy, educated at the Poznan Lubrański Academy and the Piarist’s Collegium Nobilium in Warsaw. The Writer of the Grand Crown – 1768; Governor of Wielkopolska -1779; Marshal of the Crown - 1782. Linked with Stanislaw August Poniatowski and joined the Confederation of Targowica. In 1798, he received the Prussian hereditary title of Count. In Poznan, he restored the castle of Przemyslaw and the Renaissance town hall, built by the projects of J.Ch. Kamsetzer, the Guardhouse and the Wroniecka Gate, which doesn’t exist today. In 1760, he married Teresa of Moszczeńscy. They had two daughters, Magdalena and Michalina. He arranged for the younger Michalina to marry his cousin Philip, for the sake of the name, giving him his property in the Wielkopolska in 1784. The coffin of Kazimierz was buried in Woźniki and later moved to the chapel in Rogalin by his grandson, Edward.


Filip Raczyński (1747-1804)

The only son of Leon and Wiridiana of Bnińscy, Member of Parliament, bought an army regiment and received the rank of Major General. He did not deal with military matters, but managed his considerable wealth very efficiently. In 1784, he married Michalina of Raczynscy. This relationship produced five children, of whom two survived including Edward, another heir to Rogalin and Atanazy, a future Prussian diplomat, patron of the arts and collector. After the premature death of his wife, Filip devoted himself to his children, who were brought up by their father in a disciplined manner and received a modern and comprehensive education. His niece, Wiridiana Fiszerowa, has characterised him as follows: ".. of figure (he) was rather handsome, with regular and masculine features, but without any grace ... was absolutely honest, he had a good heart and noble principles." He is buried in the burial chapel in Rogalin.


Edward Raczyński (1786-1845)

The older son of Filip and Michalina Raczynski, a Captain of the Napoleonic army, a Member of Parliament of the Duchy of Warsaw and the Grand Duchy of Posen, Royal-Prussian chamberlain, and hereditary Earl of Prussia. He was a man of wide interests and talents. He contributed to the patronage of the arts and sciences and was the publisher of many works of historical sources. The founder of the Raczynski Library in Poznan and the statues of the first Polish rulers in the Golden Chapel of the Cathedral of Poznan. He built the chapel-mausoleum in Rogalin and brought the ashes of his ancestors there. In 1826, he married Konstancja of Potocki. They had a son, Roger. Edward committed suicide on the island on the lake in Zaniemysl. On the statue at the tomb located near the church in Zaniemysl, his wife placed the inscription: "Here lies Edward Nałęcz hr. Raczyński, who, although he was stingy to himself, helped the poor and was generous to the Homeland.


Roger Raczyński (1820-1864)

The only son of Edward and Konstancja of Potocki. He studied history, law and philosophy in Berlin; his passion was literature. Co-founder of the Society of Friends of Sciences in Poznan, politician, and a participant in the Spring of Nations. After the uprising he had to flee the country before being arrested. He died in Paris in 1864 and was buried two years later in Rogalin. Married twice: to Mary Gottschall (1850) and Konstancja (1862), the daughter of his half sister. Edward Alexander was his only son. "Roger was a true child of his time. Sentimental, mysterious, reckless, and, at the same time, sad" - wrote his grandson, Edward Bernard Raczyński.


Edward Aleksander Raczynski (1847-1926)

The natural son of Roger Raczynski and Zeneida of Hołyńscy Lubomirska, secret chamberlain and cavalier of papal orders, soldier, explorer, art patron, collector, and an excellent linguist who spoke seven languages​​. 

He conducted a thorough renovation of the palace in Rogalin and created in it a Neo-Baroque library with a rich collection of books. He personally gathered together a collection of paintings, which are made ​​available to the public in a purpose-built gallery. Married twice: to Maria of Krasinski, daughter of the poet Zygmunt (1877) and Róża Potocki (1886). He had a son, Karol Roger, from his first marriage and two further sons, Roger Adam and Edward Bernard, from his second. He died in 1926 in Krakow and is buried in Rogalin.


Roger Adam Raczyński (1889-1945)

The eldest son of Edward Alexander and Róża Potocki, diplomat, politician, collector. He studied agriculture in Leipzig and painting in Munich. Governor of Poznań - from 1929 to 1934; Deputy Minister of Agriculture - 1934 to 1936; Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Romania - 1938-1940. He played an historical role in 1939, prompting President I. Moscicki to transfer power to Wł. Raczkiewicz, which ensured the continuity of the Polish state. Married in 1925 to Helena of Rohozińscy; died without issue in Athens and was buried there. The urn containing his ashes was transferred to the mortuary chapel in Rogalin in 1993.


Edward Bernard Raczyński (1891-1993)

The younger son of Edward Alexander and Róża Potocki, diplomat, politician and writer. Doctor of Law, studied in Krakow, Leipzig and London. From 1918, he was in the diplomatic service of the Second Polish Republic; Polish Ambassador in London from 1934; President of Poland in exile - from 1979 to 1986. Author of political books and memoirs and translations of poetry and diaries. After the death of his brother, he became the last owner of the palace in Rogalin. On the centenary of his birth, he established the Raczynski Foundation, to which he gave the remaining Rogalin collections and ownership of the residential unit. Married three times: to Joyous Markham (1925), Cecilia of Jaroszyńscy (1932) and Aniela of Lillpop Mieczysławska (1991). 

He had three daughters from his second marriage: Wanda, Wiridianna and Catherine. He was the last male descendant of the Rogalin line and is buried in the burial chapel in Rogalin.

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Author: Joanna Nowak