Park visiting rules



Dear Visitors

            The estate in Rogalin is subject to historic preservation maintenance. As an important testimony to Polish history and material and environmental culture of the region, it deserves special protection. As it is testimony to Poland's and the region's history, it deserves special protection. Please do not allow your behaviour to harm it in any way.


1.         The Museum assumes no liability for incidents involving visitors to the Park,

            including injury, theft or damage.

2.         Only pedestrians are permitted in the Park.

            Driving motor vehicles into the Park is possible only upon a written consent of the

            Management of the National Museum in Poznan.

3.         To ensure peace and quiet, playing loud music is not permitted.

4.         To protect the Park and ensure visitors’ safety, it is forbidden to:

•          stay in the Park after opening hours

•          ride on horseback, drive/ride a bicycle or other vehicles, roller-blade, etc.,

•          walk off the footpaths,

•          damage, pick and take away any plants,

•          disturb wildlife,

•          play football, badminton, frisbee, etc., with exception of the Playground,

•          camp and start fires,

•          enter the Park with dogs, except guide dogs,

•          litter the area,

•          undertake commercial activities.


The Park may be visited daily free of charge:


9.00 am–8.00 pm (from 1 May to 30 September) and 9.00 am–5.00 pm (from 1 October to 30 April)




1.The following Rules apply to the bicycle parking area at the Rogalin Palace Museum.

2.The parking is unguarded and free of charge.

3. You can leave  your bicycle ONLY in the provided stands in such a way that others can use the area easily.

4. The area's users agree to comply with these Rules.

5. It is forbidden to park scooters, ATVs, mopeds or motorcycles in the bicycle parking area.

6. The Museum is not liable for theft or damage to bicycles or their accessories.

7. It is strongly advised to secure your bicycles with a cycle lock.

8. The Museum is not liable for theft or damage to any objects left with bicycles in the area.

9. It is forbidden to:

• smoke and use open fire,

• drink alcohol,

• stay in the bicycle parking area, except time necessary for leaving or collecting your bicycle,

• drop litter,

• clean and repair bicycles.

10. If you fail to comply with the Rules, the Museum may ask you to leave the area.

11. Cyclists are liable for any damage or loss caused to others or their property in the area.

12. In the event of an incident involving cyclists in the area, please notify the Museum staff.