Inside a forest

Inside a forest
Sidorowicz, Zygmunt (1846 - 1881)  
Sidorowicz 1881  
olej / płótno  
26 x 39  
Galeria Rogalińska Edwarda Aleksandra Raczyńskiego  
MNP FR 109  
Fundacja im. Raczyńskich przy Muzeum Narodowym w Poznaniu  
Galeria Rogalińska Edwarda Aleksandra Raczyńskiego  
Galeria Sztuki Polskiej koniec XVIII w. do 1939 r.  

About the mysterious mood of the deprived of staffage canvas decides illumination, kept in brown-green colors of forest hazy with diffused light. 

Thus obtained effect, as discussed in the above landscape, is close to French pre-impressionist painting, with which he could become familiar by frequently organized exhibitions in Munich. 

Sidorowicz, since 1873 living in Munich, and five years later, again in Vienna did not lose contact with the country, exposing both in Lviv and Krakow TPSP and Warsaw Zachęta or Krywult Salon. There E. Raczynski probably also bought two discussed works of Sidorowicz, painted in the year of his death.

[dr E.Leszczyńska]